Bonaire - "Oh island in the sun ..."

I would like to tell you something about my dream island

If you have the impression that Bonaire is a Caribbean paradise with miles long sandy beaches with coconut palms, you are wrong. You will find the real treasure of this Dutch Caribbean Island under water. It is also the friendliness and smiling faces of the Bonairean people and the perfect climate.

The ABC-Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao) are also called the Leeward Islands.
Bonaire is situated to the east, Curaçao is the main island and Aruba is in the west. About 100 miles away from Venezuela. Bonaire is about 190 square miles with almost 12000 inhabitants.
In the northern part you will find the Washington National Park with a variety of birds, animals and plants.
In the southern part is Cargil Salt where visitors can see the big white hills of salt from far away.
The east coast is very rough with strong currents and is where larger species of fish can be seen. Most of the popular dive sites are on the west coast.

With your rental car you can drive to more than 50 special marked dive sites Klein Bonaire has 20 more sites that can be reached by boat.
Klein Bonaire is protected by a foundation and is off limits to development. Years ago, this island belonged to Harry Belafonte. He was so inspired by it that he wrote the song "Oh Island in the sun"
The highest mountain is 723 feet and is calld"Brandaris" Hill, It is in the Washington National Park. A very nice spot is also "Seru Largu"with a beautiful view of the island. The capital, Kralendijk has a few shopping areas and seaside restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks and the harbor.

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