Important information

Flamingo Paradise

Arrival: Daily from the U.S. and Europe via several airlines.

Declaration: Valid Passport and emigration form (in the plane).

Currency: The NAF (Antillean Florin) has a fixed exchange rate. US$ 1.- = NAF 1.77 .
All kinds of credit cards are accepted.

Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, German widely spoken and of course the local Papiamentu

Climate: Bonaire has 360 sunny days a year. Daytime 86 f. Nighttime 78 f. Water 80 f.

Electricity: 110/127 Volt and 220/230 Volt

Water: Bonaire tasty pure distilled water. It is perfectly safe to drink right from the tap.

Medical: The hospital is well equipped and has very good Dutch doctors. There is also a recompression chamber.

Taxi's: There are several taxi's, but it will be better to rent a car.

Telephone: All systems are available with the local TELBO

Internet: Chat'n Browse is well known and inexpensive.

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